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SPISE 2016: Taste and try before you fry

The QC-methodology as a way for understanding some complex concept: an innovative case study (Brard, M. & Lê, S., Agrocampus Ouest, France)

Tell me what you see, and I will tell you what you expect: when the icing does make the pastry (Cochener, C., Dacquay, V., Rottreau, E., Lê, S., Agrocampus Ouest, France)


Sensometrics by the sea

The QC-methodology: twisting the Q-methodology for understanding some complex concept (Brard, M. & Lê, S., Agrocampus Ouest, France)


Now in your bookstore! Analyzing Sensory Data with R (S. Lê and T. Worch, Chapman & Hall/CRC The R Series).

Ten things you need to know about me

  • I'm a statistician by training, and I've been working on sensory and consumer data since 2000.
  • I'm one of the co-authors of the FactoMineR and SensoMineR packages. Both packages are worldwide used.
  • I'm a consultant. People are asking me questions about how to analyze tricky data, but also about new ways of collecting data.
  • I wrote more than 30 papers, and I'm one of the co-authors of Analyzing sensory data with R (334 pages, Chapman & Hall/CRC, The R Series) and of Exploratory multivariate analysis by example using R (240 pages, Chapman & Hall/CRC, Computer science and data analysis series).
  • Since 2008, my students have won the Syntec trophies, a national French contest that rewards the best students' project in marketing and opinion research.
  • I've been working with children since 2010 to understand their behaviour when confronted to tasks that have to be adapted to subjects that can hardly talk.
  • I have strong connections with Asia: Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand.
  • My collaborators would say about me that I'm innovative, I'm curious, I don't give up, I have good leadership skills, I have particular pedagogic skills.
  • I like to work with many different people from different fields (sensory, marketing, psychology,...) and many different countries.
  • I like what I'm doing, i.e. understanding data from different points of view, from different types, building new protocols, running experiments.

Research activities

My main research topic is exploratory multivariate analysis, especially multiway data analysis. During my Ph.D. I've developed two multivariate techniques:

  • Hierarchical Multiple Factor Anaysis
  • Dual Multiple Factor Anaysis

I have also introduced some new validation techniques adapted to sensory data and exploratory multivariate techniques. I'm a specialist in sensory data but I also play with genomic data.

I had the pleasure to co-supervise the following PhD. students: Marine Cadoret, Marie Verbanck, Thierry Worch, Nguyen Ba Thanh, Tâm Minh Lê.

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Development activities

With François Husson, we have created and developed the SensoMineR package and the FactoMineR package. These two R packages are worldwide used when analysing sensory data for the first one, when analysing multivariate data, for the second one.

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Teaching activities

The different subjects I am teaching are:
  • Exploratory Multivariate Analysis (PCA, Multiple Factor Analysis, Factor Analysis, MDS, clustering, discrimination, segmentation, ...)
  • Statistical methods applied to sensory analysis
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Linear model
  • Introduction to sensory analysis
  • Introduction to database management with Access
  • Statistical softwares (R, SAS, SPAD, Statgraphics, Uniwin,...)

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